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Senior Developer Advocate from Lagos, Nigeria, Media Developer Expert and Instructor at 馃敟馃嚦馃嚞

unStack Workshop on React.js to Kick Off Soon in Lagos

Free unStack Workshop on React.js Coming Up in Lagos on March 20-21 2020, learn about the tracks, agenda, and speakers at the free unStack Workshop to be held in Lagos on March 20-21 2020.

March 15th, 20201 min read

Getting started with Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 is a small computer the size of an ATM card which was built by the Raspberry Pi foundation and has the ability to connect with external devices and networks via wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity.

May 7th, 20193 min read

Safeguard your blog content in Reactjs and CSS

Curious about how to safeguard your blog content in your ReactJS app using CSS? You are about to find out!

May 7th, 20193 min read

unStack 2019 event recap; All the announcements that matter

unStack is a hands-on workshop community, tailored towards building great technical talents with a hands-on learning approach, learning about new technologies/tools and mastering patterns to navigate already existing ones.

May 7th, 20194 min read
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